Mathieu Vié - Cinematographer

Visual image has always fascinated Mathieu. Growing up in Paris France a talented musician, he was drawn more to the music videos he was producing than the music he was making. His career in cinematography began working as a second assistant camera, then as a first assistant camera, where he discovered analog film. The unique images that only analog film can capture became his passion.


By 2013, now a Director of Photography, he was the only DP working on film in all of France. Kodak and Panavision took notice, and Kodak made him a brand ambassador at the age of 25. Using tools provided by both of those companies, Mathieu developed his signature style and has recently worked closely with the American Society of Cinematographers and some of the greatest cinematographers in Hollywood including  Peter Levy ASC, ACS, Hoyte van Hoytema ASC, FSF, NSC, and Linus Sandgren ASC, FSF.

Mathieu Vié is also a Professional Member of the American Photographic Artists association.

As Mathieu Vié is working for some of the world's most renowned brands, some films might be unavailable online because of undisclosure agreements. These films might be seen in a private meeting, upon request.


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